Monday 21 September 2020

Austria: SmartLINK – the RCG’s range of services at a glance

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Working together with our customers and keeping pace with the times, we digitalise our services and processes. SmartLINK is the entry point to the digital RCG and thus to our entire range of services.

Our logistics solutions allow us to connect people, markets and companies. We transport all freight from the first to the last mile using our comprehensive network across the entire Eurasian continent. We never lose sight of it and we monitor all processes and steps – with innovative digital solutions and based on decades of experience.

But how does freight transport actually work?

What elements are needed for rail freight transport? SmartLINK now has the answer to that question.

We have made our entire range of services digitally accessible with SmartLINK. It shows how rail freight transport works in a simple and intuitive manner. SmartLINK isn’t just a tool designed to demonstrate our services; above all else it’s an essential first step towards simple, attractive access to the rail system.

As an entry point to the digital world of rail logistics, SmartLINK takes visitors through four areas. Customers and interested individuals choose from scheduled or individual TransFER connections. They find out about the available equipment and the services and add-ons relevant to them. The journey finally ends when contact is made with the customer advisors, who prepare an individual quote together with the customers.

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