Wednesday 14 December 2022

UIC publishes a new video promoting its Manifesto

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UIC has just published a short video to promote one of its key publications of 2022: the Manifesto for the UIC centenary. Adopted in July this year, the Manifesto is a concrete follow-up to the Vision of Rail 2030 and to the discussions held between Members at the UIC Symposium in December 2021. The document contains Existing and future solutions for rail to serve the planet and people, taking into account the significant role of the railways and the need to:

  • Transform cities and connect communities
  • Use clean energy, technology and innovation
  • Promote intermodality and seamless connections; and
  • Transform the customer experience

The development of these solutions will be included in the next UIC work programme for 2023-2025, which will take stock of the decarbonisation process, advances in innovation and the continuous improvement of rail services.

The Manifesto document is available at:

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