Wednesday 22 May 2024

The 2024 UIC-KORAIL Training Session held in Seoul

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The 2024 UIC training session, organised by UIC and KORAIL, was held in Korea for five days from 29 April to 3 May under the theme of “Railways as a New Mobility Enabling Sustainable Growth”.

The programme therefore focused on sustainable development, and attracted 14 participants from the UIC Asia Pacific Region, including Korea, China, Japan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

To enhance the quality and professionalism of the training session, experts were invited to hold specialised lectures. These included the UIC Head of Sustainability, specialists from Trenitalia, and a lecturer from the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI). The lectures covered a wide array of topics, ranging from an introduction to sustainable policy operations to presentations on major case studies, strategies for carbon neutrality, and energy efficiency in the railway sector. Each session concluded with lively group discussions, allowing participants to share their opinions and foster mutual understanding.

Moreover, to facilitate a better grasp of these theoretical concepts, technical visits to various railway facilities took place, including eco-friendly waste disposal sites in the Metropolitan Maintenance Rolling Stock Depot of Seoul Station, and the IT Operation Centre.

Against the backdrop of climate change, cooperation and policy development in the transport sector have gained unprecedented importance. Therefore, these training sessions provided a useful platform for UIC member countries to meet, share ideas and knowledge, and reach a consensus on sustainable policies despite geographical barriers.

The success of this event underscores the global railway community’s commitment to sustainable development. As the world continues to grapple with environmental challenges, initiatives like these play an important role in shaping a greener and more sustainable future for the railway industry.

Han Moon-Hee, President & CEO of KORAIL, said, “We hope to strengthen our collaborative relationships with UIC members and firmly establish the railway sector as an environmentally friendly mode of transport for the future amid the climate crisis.

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With the presence of the UIC Asia-Pacific Chairman, Mr. Han Moon-Hee, President & CEO of KORAIL