Tuesday 5 May 2020

New UIC Network: Inclusive station

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The Passenger Department (Station Sector) and the Security Division of the UIC are delighted to join forces to launch a new network of experts on Inclusive Station. The first virtual meeting of this Network will be held on 12 May from 3pm to 4pm.

The goal of this network is to foster the cooperation around the topic of ”How to efficiently and responsibly ensure security, customer satisfaction and efficient station operation in a public space challenged by societal phenomena like homelessness, addiction etcetera”. To keep it short and easy to remember, UIC decided to call the network “Inclusive Station”.

We have gathered experts interested in this topic to exchange good practice and find solutions together through a multidisciplinary vision. UIC proposes to actively support this network close to the two co-chairmen from Italy’s FS and Sweden’s Jernhusen.

Why this Network? What are the objectives?
Railway stations and their immediate surroundings are public spaces where not only travellers but the whole society meets. A central location, generous opening hours, shelter, access to basic services, the possibility to be relatively anonymous in a crowd also attracts elements of society that are not the primary target group for a station operator. Phenomena like homelessness, traficking, substance abuse, petty crime and damage to property are challenges to safety, security, customer satisfaction and their feeling of security, and more generally for the effectivenesss of the station operation.

While there is a need for address these phenomena in an efficient manner there is also an expectation to act responsibly from both a financial and a social perspective.

If you are interested in joining this network please contact Clément Gautier and/or Virginie Papillault: gautier@uic.org


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