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Railway talents – Why bother?

For the transport and logistics sector, the talent crisis is no longer a problem of the future:

  • Around the world, populations are ageing: developed countries will face a smaller percentage of active working population and in developing countries economic growth is already outpacing talent development, leading to serious skills shortage.
  • Transportation and logistics companies, including rail, will have a harder time employing workers with the needed skills, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Strategies for managing talent are now on top of the CEO agenda: in a survey by PwC, 66% of CEOs say that a lack of the right skills is their biggest talent challenge.

At a time of high unemployment in many parts of the world, this might seem as a contradiction, but in many sectors, including transportation and logistics and rail, there exist worrisome skills mismatches.

To address those challenges, the UIC aims to set-up a ‘Global Network of Railway Talents’. Through the provision of a common platform, the UIC wishes to extend the innovation capacity of the railway sector and to improve the sector competitiveness by fully using the potential of its talents.

Objectives, stakeholders and formats of the UIC Global Network of Railway Talents

Project objectives

  • Development of a powerful management development programme to prepare a new generation of railway talents working on domestic and international challenges.
  • Creation of a strong & sustainable foundation for fostering international cooperation amongst the young talents in the railway sector.
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