Loading Guidelines Group

Market needs are constantly evolving, and new types of goods are being transported via rail. Either as an UIC member, or an observer railway undertaking, join us and partake in the standards and best practices which will facilitate the ongoing success of your business.

The purpose of the Loading Guidelines Group is to ensure that all loading and securing rules are kept as relevant and suitable as possible. The continuous exchange of railway know-how is of utmost importance, and it must remain in the sector, albeit to be shared with any concerned party.

The Loading Guidelines Work Group encompasses the following actions:

  • Analysis of unusual or dangerous incidents affecting railway operations which may be related to problems or defects impacting the loading or securing of cargo.
  • Evaluation of new “loading”, “wagon” or “wagon component” products in terms of possible applications or measures to be taken to ensure operating safety and fitness to run.
  • Creation of new loading methods based on products available on the market, and customer or keeper demand.
  • Monitoring the need to modify the loading rules in the light of railway operating requirements or other provisions.

The Loading Guidelines Group addresses the specificities of 3 product clusters:

  • Iron and Steel
  • Wood and Paper
  • Combined Transport

In 2024, the Group’s expertise gave rise to the Dynaload project

Don’t hesitate to be part of it even while it’s underway!

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For any further information please contact: Nathalie Libardi

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Wednesday 20 July 2022